I have NEWS!

I’ve been thinking about possibly maybe starting another shop at some point in the near future making soaps, lip gloss and wax melts/candles. I have always wanted to do this and just haven’t been able to yet.

If not soaps, then at least melts/candles and lip glosses.

I haven’t fully decided yet but I know this is something I would like to do. This being said, when I decide to take this on, I will be doing trial bags.This is when I’ll be asking for beta testers in which they will pay a set fee which will include shipping for their feedback, suggestions etc. This will NOT be done through Etsy. I repeat, my beta testing will NOT be done through Etsy.

My beta testers will be invoiced through Paypal and we will go from there.

Guys, I’m SO excited about this.

Thoughts? Feedback?



Let’s get started.

As if I needed something else to keep an eye on but I’m super excited about this!

If you’ve decided to join me and read this, I so excitedly thank you and hope you stay for a long time.

This post is basically just a hello and whatnot.

If you have not checked out my FB or other pages you should go ahead and do that now and follow them all!





Check ya later!