I have NEWS!

I’ve been thinking about possibly maybe starting another shop at some point in the near future making soaps, lip gloss and wax melts/candles. I have always wanted to do this and just haven’t been able to yet.

If not soaps, then at least melts/candles and lip glosses.

I haven’t fully decided yet but I know this is something I would like to do. This being said, when I decide to take this on, I will be doing trial bags.This is when I’ll be asking for beta testers in which they will pay a set fee which will include shipping for their feedback, suggestions etc. This will NOT be done through Etsy. I repeat, my beta testing will NOT be done through Etsy.

My beta testers will be invoiced through Paypal and we will go from there.

Guys, I’m SO excited about this.

Thoughts? Feedback?