Midnight painting at its finest.

Midnight painting at its finest.

Regardless of the Sleepytime tea I drank two hours ago, I am still awake.
I’m quite irritated at this because I’ve been in such a great pattern lately but alas, my insomnia is back.
What does this mean other than bags under the eyes and much needed coffee in the morning?
Being productive when it’s quiet and I have time!

So, I did this painting with one of my favorite quotes which I hope to get tattooed one day.
“And though she be little, she is fierce.”
Though in the written version there is now exclamation point and an extra comma.

It will go nicely on my wall…one of them, with everything else I’ve made.


Bottles, bubbles and beaches.

Bottles, bubbles and beaches.

I have always worked with glass vials and the flow of ideas for more is seemingly never ending.
This go around? Mermaids!
I’m so excited to put these together with some beads and crystals and to get them up in the shop.
On top of that, I have a REAL starfish pendant on top of real sand. I cannot WAIT to get these pieces done.

Other than that, I have finally finished with my deconstructing/reconstructing phase and unfortunately, I had to toss a lot of things.
Alas, I did get to salvage a lot of beads and some pendants and what not.
Overall, I’m happy with the outcome and the space I just freed up on my shelf.

Ahh, back to work I must go now.


Let the work begin!

Let the work begin!

All of the pieces I plan on working on right now are on my very beaten up desk.
Unfortunately, a lot of things just have to be throw away due to lame circumstances.
Oh well, I will make up for the losses elsewhere.

So far I’ve got ideas for brand new items from Harry otter to zombies and just elegant crystal pieces.

I’m excited!


Fans make it all happen.

Got a small little boost in FB page likes since last night and let me say, heck yes!

Without my fans, I wouldn’t have made it as far as I have today. Every single one of you is spectacular!


That being said, if you are a fan and you like what you see, be sure to share the love with friends and family so they can join in on the fun. The more the merrier!


Okay, I’ve really got to get back to cleaning my house before I can make even more items for everyone.



Repurposing is radical!

I’ve got lots of items that I’ve just had for a long time and have never posted or have posted and never sold. Thus they have been sitting collecting dust and I hate to see that.

I think in the following week or so I will be taking these pieces and taking them apart and putting them together to make brand new things that will hopefully sell this time around.

I know for sure I’ve got a zombie necklace coming, complete with a brain charm as well as a chunky rhinestone necklace. Not too sure which else but I just have to make sure these will actually sell. 


Speaking of selling, I’m getting so close to 600 sales in the Etsy shop!


Until later!


Weddings and such.

Weddings and such.

I myself am in the process of planning my own wedding so I figured I needed to add some more elegant pieces to my shop.

First step: Wedding-perfect brooches!

This little guy is completely perfect to me. I adore the size, shape and the perfect amount of shine added to it with the crystals in the center. All of the crystals were hand sewn on and each “petal” layer was hand cut by me and detailed.

I’m so excited for this and it’s already up in the Etsy shop!

Now, if this sells and gets the attention I think it deserves, I will most certainly be making more in different colors.


Let’s get started.

As if I needed something else to keep an eye on but I’m super excited about this!

If you’ve decided to join me and read this, I so excitedly thank you and hope you stay for a long time.

This post is basically just a hello and whatnot.

If you have not checked out my FB or other pages you should go ahead and do that now and follow them all!





Check ya later!